Humiliation 123

Today the WONDERSCHJÖNE GODDESS PERFECTA is allowed to wait for the DIVINE MASTER and shine on him in all HIS superhuman splendor.
Horny to the max, she admits to MASTER how wonderful sex with him is and praises all of his men's qualities.
After the MASTER has accepted the homage of his admirer with arrogant arrogance, HE shows the super horny princess his slave Joschi Shitface, whom he holds on a tight leash. In its ABSOLUTELY SUPERIORITY, the MASTER humiliates the piece of dirt kneeling at his feet in front of the beautiful girl. Knowing how insecure and shy HIS subhuman amusement object is in the presence of pretty women, HE orders Joschi to tell the SUPER BEAUTIFUL GODDESS PERFECTA how he has to serve his LORD. With miserable stammering, Joschi confesses to the magnificent princess that he has to serve the master as a slave and pig. Joschi has to pay his master every hard earned cent.
The pitiful slave pig tells the pretty young lady in a tear-d voice that the MASTER has been torturing and humiliating him continuously since school. He is beaten and humiliated by the MASTER every day. Almost dying from shame, Joschi reports that even his parents have to serve the MASTER as slaves. To top it off, Joschi has to implore his MASTER into the camera to show this clip to the whole world.
The MASTER constantly orders his spanking toy to speak louder in order to humiliate Joschi even more in front of the super sexy girl and tightens the leash so tight that Joschi almost suffocates. GODDESS PERFECTA follows the gruesome performance amused and ridicules Joschi for what piece of shit he is.
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Humiliation 123

  • Product Code: Humiliation 123
Length: Minute
  • 10.05€

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